Where to Veg-Out in Bucks County

carrot soup, vegetarian soupVegetarianism seems to have become significantly more popular recently.  If followed correctly, a vegetarian diet can be a successful way to improve an individual’s all around health.

One of the main nutritional reasons consumers eat meat is because they believe it is a source of protein that they need in their diet. While meat is a good source of protein when consumed properly, it also can have negative effects if over-consumed, like cardiovascular disease. Individuals who are at risk for heart disease but have eaten a meat-based diet their whole life may be hesitant to make such a big change.

Luckily, with vegetarianism trending, there has been an outbreak of new flavors and dishes conveniently served at delicious restaurants in the Bucks County area!

Some personal favorites include Blue Sage in Southhampton, Sprig and Vine in New Hope, and The AllWays Café in Huntington Valley. The vegetarian dishes in these restaurants are creatively prepared in a way that makes you appreciate a meal full of flavor, color, and texture. Eating out at restaurants that offer fresh and healthy options, such as sweet potato quesadillas from The AllWays Café, a personal favorite, has helped me realize the incredible variety out there. It is easy to get into a vegetarian-rut, it takes a little more thought behind your food, but once you taste it – there’s no going back.
Restaurants that have a focus on vegetarian meals are popping up everywhere, hopefully helping to raise awareness about how achievable it is to maintain and enjoy a variety of meatless dishes. This is good news for those already on a vegetarian diet, and better news for those attempting to work on their health by incorporating nutrients from other food groups then meat products.

Next time when dining out with family and friends try an edamame falafel wrap from Sprig and Vine or the blue corn asparagus tacos from Blue Sage. Your taste buds will thank you!

Article written by Morgan Brod, Nutrition Intern
Registered Dietitian Approved Content

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