Registered Dietitians – The Key to a Healthy Selfie

SelfieBody Image is a constant struggle for women of all shapes and sizes.  We live in a world that is swayed by media and other external pressures, causing us to set unrealistic ideals for ourselves.  At University of Connecticut I am a facilitator for a program called “The Body Project,” written by Carolyn Becker and Eric Stolz.  This program is a facilitated group discussion about bodyimage and the pressures most women face.  Through this two part, 4-hour session we talk at length about the thin ideal.  The thin ideal can be defined as women in magazines, celebrities etc. who are photo shopped to have long legs, white teeth, a flat stomach, full hair, and many more unrealistic female qualities.  After exploring the thin ideal, it is part of the program to promote the healthy ideal, which is what I would like to go into detail about and share with you.

When and if you are looking to lose weight, it is important to do it for the right reasons!   It is important to have a healthy weight and body composition because of the effects it has on your overall health, not necessarily just how you look in a selfie.  This, of course, is easier said then done; everyone wants to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin.  The best way to achieve the healthy ideal weight, while gaining confidence in your own body, is to develop healthy, long-term habits.  This includes exercising regularly and eating properly portioned and balanced meals.  Here’s why your RD can be the key to a healthy selfie!  A dietitian is not only there to make sure you are approaching a healthy weight, but to make sure that you become educated on how to do so!  Just like body shapes are different for everyone, so are nutrition plans!  RDs can help you develop a personalized plan just right for you and can teach you all about how to modify your diet/exercise so that it becomes a healthy life style change, rather then a quick fix to getting thin.  The best way to feel good about yourself is treating your body with the attention and care it deserves.

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