Precise Portions

Precise Portions

Portion control is one of the best ways to manage your weight and keep your calories in check.  There are many ways to control portions from using measuring cups and spoons to comparing food portions to objects (3 oz protein = a deck of cards).  As a dietitian I find these methods time consuming for some of my clients.  In our fast paced world many people do not want to take the time to measure out food.   Today there is an easier option.  Many companies have come out with portion control plates.  These plates are divided in various ways to help the eater portion out their food without using measuring cups.  This saves time, energy, and makes clean up easier.

Precise Portions is the first portion control system I will discuss.  Precise Portions uses the “Follow The Line” Method.  Each dinnerware item has marks within the design to indicate serving sizes.  I ordered the Complete Lifestyle Starter Set for our office at Eat Right Bucks County.  Of course I tried out the set before I took it to the office.  Below are some pictures of breakfast and dinner from the day I tested out Precise Portions.  The Complete Lifestyle Starter Set comes with the following: 9″ Focus Portion Control Plate (Marked with directions), 10″ Life-style Portion Control Plate, Portion control bowl for soups, salads, or cereals, 6″ dessert or bread plate, 10 oz glass (with 4oz and 8 oz markings).  Precise Portions also has a line of eco friendly disposable plates, bowls, and cups for you to portion control anywhere.  There is also a line of portion control travel plates that are microwave safe as well.  See the Precise Portions video to see how this system works.

Breakfast Meal

1 cup Rice Krispies with 1/2 cup skim milk


A serving of grapes

8 ounces of Skim Milk

 Dinner portioned out.
This is the only portion control plate system to include bowls and cups.  This system allows you to control your entire meal, including beverages and side dishes.  During the month of February Precise Portions is offering 10% off orders in celebration of Heart Health Month.  Click on the link on the side bar to get 10% off!



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