Organic Farming and Eating Local

IMG_0802I had the opportunity to volunteer at Roots to River Farm two summers ago, which is an organic farm located in New Hope. Roots to River farm participates in farmers markets and CSA’s. Just from spending one day at this farm, I learned so much about what it takes to be a farmer and run an organic farm. The people at Roots to River farm are very passionate about what they grow and how they grow it. Organic farming is not easy- it involves intense care. The owner of Roots to River farm told me that nutrient dense soil is essential to growing organic crops. Everything is done by hand when you are running an organic farm- it takes long hours, dedication, and a passion for what you are doing. Throughout a 6 hour period we washed and packaged up veggies to be sent out to restaurants, harvested onions, hoed, planted lettuce, and watered the greenhouse. Eating local, organic food has such great advantages! First off, it is better for the environment because there cannot be any use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. Second, you know exactly where the food you are putting into your body is coming from and how it is grown. If you purchase local and you are curious about how the produce is grown, ask the farmers and they will be more than happy to tell you! Another great thing about locally grown products is their nutrient value. Food that is not locally grown decreases in nutrient value due to the time it takes to get from harvest to your table since it is being shipped from far away. Roots to River Farm sends their crops to many local restaurants and establishments such as Jules Thin Crust Pizza, Kome, Spring and Vine, The Doylestown Food Coop, and more!

If you are thinking about getting into local and organically grown products, take advantage of the resources around you here in Bucks County because there are so many benefits both environmentally and health- wise!


More about our day at the farm! :

This is the wash station, where all of the crops go to get all cleaned up!


The Green House


Lauren packaging up some eggplant and cilantro- which smelled absolutely amazing!


Some of the onions we harvested!


Look at those greens!












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