National Nutrition Month

Doylestown Dietitian, Bucks County Nutritionists

This year marks the 40th anniversary of National Nutrition Month.  This years theme highlights what the Registered Dietitian’s of Eat Right Bucks County advocate every day “Eat Right, Your Way, Every Day”.  We believe that everyone should enjoy and savor their food.  Restrictive diets that force individuals to eat only certain foods and especially foods they dislike do not work.

Of course we encourage everyone to eat more fruits and vegetables, include whole grains, low fat dairy, lean meats, and to be physically active.  We want everyone to be adventurous and try new foods!  However if a client dislikes milk or yogurt we find alternative foods to provide necessary calcium.  Dislike fish?  We will help you find other foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids.  We want our clients to enjoy eating while achieving their health goals.

To read more about National Nutrition Month visit the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Website.  You will find information on a variety of nutrition topics, videos, and games.  If you would like more personalized information give us a call to set up an appointment!

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  1. Great post! Happy Registered Dietitian’s Day! RD’s are America’s food and nutrition experts, as indicated by our new credential RDN just announced by AND today. Take pride in our profession and your commitment to health and nutrition. Let’s begin using our new credential, RDN right away.