How to Get Your Kids to Eat More Vegetables

How to get kids to eat vegetablesIf you’re having trouble getting your children to eat more vegetables, you’re not alone! It can be very hard for children to accept the taste of the nutrient rich foods and especially hard for them to understand why it’s important to eat their vegetables. It is essential for children to get all the vitamins and minerals that vegetables offer; these nutrients are necessary for healthy growth. Inadequate vegetable intake can potentially have negative long-term effects.

One way to make sure your kids aren’t leaving their vegetables on their plate is to start introducing them into their diet at an early age. If they can acquire a taste for broccoli before they get the idea in their head that they don’t like it, they may even want to eat it! Also, introducing one vegetable at a time and not overwhelming your kids is very important. Did you know it can take a child 19 times for them to accept a new food, why it’s important to start introducing them early and often.  It’s important to be patient.  Yelling, “eat it!” and forcing children to eat can have negative consequences and cause a power struggle. All kids try things in their own time.

A great way to ensure vegetable consumption is giving them vegetables in a sneakier way then just as a side. For example, make a smoothie. When you combine some vegetables and fruits in a blender, the sweetness of the fruit usually overtakes the taste of the vegetables. A smoothie is a fun way for kids to get their daily vegetable intake. Spinach is an easy one to sneak in and they won’t even know it’s there!

Another way to sneak vegetables into a meal is to cook them right into whatever you’re serving. If spaghetti is on the menu for the night, instead of having asparagus on the side, chop up a serving of vegetables and mix them right in with the pasta and sauce. Or you could make pumpkin or carrot muffins! This way, they become part of the meal, not an option that your kids may choose not to eat. Positive feedback and encouragement when your kids do eat their vegetables is essential! Did you know that kids eat more vegetables when their parents are eating them too and smiling 🙂 Let the many colors of vegetables brighten up mealtime and have fun eating healthy.

If you are frustrated with a picky eater, enlist the help of a Registered Dietitian! Their professional help can help you develop strategies and patience with your picky eater! At Eat Right Bucks County in Doylestown, Pa- our Dietitians are here to help! Bucks county 18902, 18901 dietician, Nutritionist 18901, Kristie Finnan,

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