Healthy, Nut-Free Snacks for School

If peanuts are part of your go to snack that you pack your kids for school, it may be a safe idea to switch it up! Peanut allergies are one of the most common in younger children; many schools and classrooms are even nut-free as a precaution. Although nuts can be present in many easy to pack, go-to snacks there are plenty of quick, on-the-go, healthy snacks to provide for your kids during the school day.

  1. Yogurt

Yogurt is always a great snack. Greek yogurt especially, being high in protein and low in fat, will keep your children full for a sufficient period of time. This way they can focus in school instead of focusing on the grumbling noises coming from their stomach. It takes no preparation time, just right from the fridge to a lunch box!


  1. Vegetables

Another snack idea is raw vegetables. Instead of using peanut butter to dip or unhealthy dressings, try dipping your crunchy, fresh vegetables into hummus! This snack is nut free, easy to pack, and has tons of healthy benefits.


  1. Fruit

Along with vegetables, fruit is another quick and nutrient rich snack to put in your kid’s lunch box. Bananas and apples are easiest, but if that gets boring make a mix of berries in a container to pack! Something sweet and nutritious is a perfect mid-day pick me up for your kids during the school day.


  1. Granola Bars

There are now many natural, barely processed granola bars available. Be sure to stay away from nut-flavored choices and read the label to insure this is a nut free snack, there are plenty of fruit flavors and more to choose from! Some of our favorites are the Kind and Kashi Bars.


Remember, there are plenty of nut-free, quick, healthy snacks to pack your kids to bring to school. Nutrient rich snacks will keep them full longer and give them more energy throughout the day, two very important outcomes of food for a successful day full of learning and fun at school.

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