Fun on the Roots to River Farm

Last week, Miranda and I traveled to Roots to River farm in New Hope to see what it takes to grow fresh local veggies, herbs and flowers and boy was it hard work. Roots to River is a 60 acre farm that provides fresh produce to farmers markets, local restaurants ( like my favorite Jules Pizza!) and a CSA program. What is a CSA you ask?

CSA: community supported agriculture. People pay for a membership to a farm and get veggies, herbs and maybe flowers depending on the type of membership you have. CSA’s are a great way to support local small farms as well as getting fresh local food that is not only better for you but more delicious! Below are some pictures and small blurbs about our adventure at Roots to River Farm!

Malaika, the young woman who owns the farm, was kind enough to teach Miranda and I what farming was all about! When we first arrived we toured the farm and met the dogs, then we were put right to work. We loaded orders into boxes and put them into a giant refrigerator so they were ready when delivery time came.  After that we started the real work it takes to keep up the farm; weeding. We were handed hoes and told where to start hacking away at the ground until all the weeds were gone. It took us an hour or so working in a group of four to do four rows of about 10 yards. Miranda and I were so slow compared to everybody else but the blisters on our thumbs and the calluses on our palms showed our hard work.


We watered the seeds, baby plants and lettuce growing in the green housIMG_0804e IMG_4947

We picked onions in the rain. Tons and tons of onions. We put them in groups of four, tied them up, cut the tops off and washed them.

IMG_4955 IMG_4964

These onions were picked a couple weeks before and were laying out until the stalks turn brown and fall off of the onion.  BTW- onions are not on the Low FODMAP diet! I learned that from Kristie Finnan, RDN, LDN who specializes in IBS and GI disorders at her private practice (Eat Right Bucks County in Doylestown & Buckingham, Pa)


Tons of garlic drying out from the ceiling of the barn, it smelled heavenly!









All in all it was a day full of hard work, lots of learning and lots and lots of hard work!

-Lauren Gannon-  Miranda Ortolani (on right)
(on left)
Future Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
Nutrition Student at West Chester U. & Student Intern at Eat Right Bucks County

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