Doylestown Food Coop

doylestown food coopFor the past year, I have been meaning to join the Doylestown Food Coop.  Joining others to bring fresh local food to a centrally located store would be awesome right?  Well, tonight, I did it.  I’m now officially a member of the Doylestown Food Co-op!   It’s about time, I know.

So some people may be thinking “that’s awesome!  I’m a member too!”  Others may be thinking “what the heck is that?”

The Doylestown Food Co-op is on a mission to sustain and support locally grown food!  And the goal is that there would be a centrally located store.  This store would be owned and governed by its members.  Cool right?  The store would  provide “centralized and convenient access to locally raised and produced foods.”

More about the Doylestown Food Co-op click here!

And the top five reasons (right from there website) that you should join too!

“1. You want convenient access to locally produced, fresh food.

2. You want to see farming and open space preserved in Bucks and surrounding counties. I don’t know about you, but I love eating my view!

3. You want a say in the products your store offers and how your store is run.

4. You want your food dollars to stay in the local community.

5. You value the social impact that a food co-op can have in its community.”

Happy New Year & Cheers to locally grown food (& wine!)

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