Creative Recipes for A Healthier Passover Dinner

A usual family or holiday gathering tends to lack the healthy food options.  Although you probably use recipes that your grandmother’s grandmother used, they didn’t know the effects the ingredients had on your health.

Passover, one of Judaism’s High Holidays, puts a restriction on many different food groups.  One of the main restrictions is on unleavened breads.  Chametz, which is wheat, barley, rye, spelt, and oats are avoided if mixed with leavening.  Matzah meal is substituted for most grains and leavening products in order to cook certain foods, which means in order to compensate for flavor extra fats are often included.  Another restriction that certain Jewish people follow is avoiding corn, rice, millet and legumes.  These dietary restrictions just mean if you want to have a healthier Passover this April, you need to get a little creative with your recipes.  There are many options using matzah and other Passover-approved foods, so do your body a mitzvah this Passover and try some healthy recipe alternatives.

Here are some new recipes to try to add to your Passover to make it the best and most nutritious yet!

Here is a recipe for a staple Passover main dish:

If you’re looking for sides, try substituting your kugel for this delicious recipe:

And finally, here is a recipe for everyone’s favorite appetizer charoset:

Written by Morgan Brod, Nutrition Student/Intern
Eat Right Bucks County

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Approved!

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