A New Year, A New You

New Year

A New Year, A New You

In the coming year make steps toward creating the new you!


Continue or Start to Exercise

Exercise should not be something you hate, but something you look forward to.  Starting out is difficult at times, however once you build strength and stamina exercise activities will become a lot easier and more enjoyable.  Start out slow.  Begin with 30 minutes of aerobic activity 3-5 times per week and then work up to 45-60 minutes most days of the week.  Weight training is also beneficial to add to your routine, because it helps tighten up your muscles giving you a leaner look and increases your fat burning potential.


Commit to Eating Better

You are what you eat.  Food is your fuel.  Just like your car your body needs the proper fuel to run smoothly.  Don’t be afraid to try new foods.  Increasing the variety of foods you eat will decrease boredom and increase the nutrients you consume.  Make your plate as colorful as you can.  You won’t know if you like a new food until you try it!


Take Time for Yourself

Take time out for yourself.  Neglecting yourself can lead to poor health.  In addition to eating better and exercising, spend time each day doing something for you and only you.  Read a book, listen to your favorite music, take a class, meditate, or just have quite time.  This will help decrease stress.


Be Accountable

A “health” partner is someone close to you who can help to keep you motivated and on track.  Don’t have a partner?   Use online tools to help keep track of your eating and activity.  Good sites for accountability and motivation include Lose ItMy Fitness Pal, or Friendship Weight. Tracking you intake and activity can help keep you stay on track and seeing the positive changes in your health will be motivating to you.  Want I live person?  The Registered Dietitian’s at Eat Right Bucks County can be your “health” partners and better yet most insurance plans will cover the cost!  If you are out of the Bucks County area you can find a local dietitian by visiting www.eatright.org.



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